Is it time to complete your quilt? Then it's time to bring it to Quilts Complete! We offer a variety of beautiful pantograph patterns. Our business serves quilters by offering a hand guided long arm quilting service. Quilters bring their finished quilt tops and backing fabric to Quilts Complete! to have the quilt layers sandwiched together with a quilting pattern of their choice.

Quilting has become one of the top ten most popular hobbies in the United States. Locally there are numerous quilt guilds, with many, many quilters who do not wish to do the hand or machine quilting necessary to finish the quilt tops they create. They currently must send their quilts away to be completed. We are proud to be able to offer a quilting service for our community.

LOCATION: Our hours are by appointment. Click here for contact information. Quilts Complete! is located at 253 West Utica Street. 

A group of volunteers met at the shop to make cool wraps for the troops in Iraq. These wraps have watering crystals inside so when the men place them in water and put them around their necks, they keep them cool for a long period of time. The pictures below show the workers as they graciously gave their time and talent to help support our troops.


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